ABS Light and/or Cruise Light Flashing and A/C Inoperative – 2008 Toyota Corolla & Matrix

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March 19, 2008

ABS Light and/or Cruise Light Flashing and A/C Inoperative

Service Category Brake
Section Brake Control/Dynamic Control System Market USA



2008 Corolla, Matrix Drive Type(s): 2WD Engine(s): 1ZZ



Some 2008 model year Corolla and Matrix vehicles equipped with a 1ZZ-FE engine may exhibit one or more of the following conditions:

  • ABS light flashes during vehicle operation
  • Cruise light flashes during vehicle operation
  • A/C system is inoperative

Use the following procedure to repair the vehicle and address customer concerns.


Production Change Information

This TSB applies to vehicles produced BEFORE the Production Change Effective VINs shown below.

Corolla NUMMI 1NXBR3#E*8Z972654
TMMC 2T1BR3#E*8C879348
Matrix 2T1KR3#E*8C695445


Warranty Information

EL8009 R & R Engine Control Computer (ECM/PCM) Corolla 0.4 89661-02### 01 99
EL8010 Matrix 0.5



  • This repair is covered under the Toyota Federal Emission Warranty. This warranty is in effect for 96 months or 80,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s in-service date.
  • Warranty application is limited to correction of a problem based upon a customer’s specific complaint.


Required Tools & Equipment

TIS techstream*

NOTE: Software version 2.20.015 or later is required.



* Essential SST.


  • Additional TIS techstream units may be ordered by calling Approved Dealer Equipment (ADE) at 1-800-368-6787.
  • The Toyota Diagnostic Tester and CAN Interface Module may also be used to perform the service procedures listed in this bulletin.


Parts Information

Corolla A/T 89661-02Q90 Same Engine Control Module (ECM/PCM) 1
89661-02R00 1
Matrix A/T 89661-02R40 1
89661-02R50 1
Corolla & Matrix M/T 89661-02R10 1


Repair Procedure

  1. Confirm that the condition matches the TSB criteria in the Introduction and that NO other faults are present in the related systems.
  2. Replace the ECM (PCM).

Refer to the Technical Information System (TIS):

  1. Register the VIN into the replacement ECM (PCM).

Refer to TIS:

  1. Confirm the repair.


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J2534 Reprogramming

Approved J2534 Devices only provide reprogramming capabilities and do not support diagnostic scantool functions. For full diagnostic capabilities, please consider TIS Techstream or Techstream Lite

Toyota, Scion, and Lexus ECMs can be reprogrammed with the TIS Techstream, Techstream Lite, Diagnostic Tester, or can also be reprogrammed using a Toyota validated J2534 interface. Vehicle recalibration requires the use of the following:

  • Toyota validated J2534 interface
  • TIS Professional Level Subscription
  • Toyota Calibration Update Wizard software (installed along with Techstream Software)
  • Personal Computer running Microsoft Windows XP/2000 or later operating system

Toyota strongly recommends USING ONLY VALIDATED INTERFACE DEVICES that appear on this list.

Toyota works closely with J2534 interface manufacturers to ensure that their hardware works safely and efficiently with our products. Every device listed on this page has been thoroughly tested and validated on Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles.

It is important to understand that only the specific devices, firmware, DLLs and APIs listed here have been tested by Toyota. We do not recommend use of any other J2534 device, firmware, DLL or API that is not listed here. Changes to J2534 hardware/software is outside of Toyota’s control; in some cases, changes made to device hardware/software can negatively impact reprogramming performance. Toyota makes every effort to continue to work with J2534 interface manufacturers to ensure continued product compatibility as our respective products evolve.


J2534 Approved Device Application Chart

Supplier Device Name Version CUW Version Supported OS
Firmware* DLL* API*
Bosch Diagnostics Flasher LT-Import 01.02.07 01.02.07 04.04 8.8 B, C, D, E
Bosch Diagnostics Flasher PRO 01.09.18 01.09.18 04.04 8.8 B, C, D, E
Bosch Diagnostics Mastertech VCI 04.04 Testing in Progress B, C, D, E
Dearborn Group VSI-2534 ABS Light and/or Cruise Light Flashing and A/C Inoperative - 2008 Toyota Corolla & Matrix | small light 1.112 2.05.22 04.04 8.10 C, D
Drew Technologies CarDAQ Plus ABS Light and/or Cruise Light Flashing and A/C Inoperative - 2008 Toyota Corolla & Matrix | small light 01.09.18 01.09.18 04.04 8.8 B, C, D, E
Drew Technologies Mongoose MFC 01.02.07 01.02.07 04.04 8.8 B, C, D, E
Drew Technologies Mongoose PRO 04.04 8.16 A, B, C, D
Snap-On Pass Thru Pro II 01.09.18 01.09.18 04.04 8.8 B, C, D, E


*Original validated firmware/DLL versions may be superceded by the device manufacturer. Contact the device manufacturer if you are unable to find the versions listed above.


Supported Operating Systems

A Windows 8 (32-bit; 64-bit)
B Windows 7 (32-bit; 64-bit)
C Windows VISTA Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate
D Windows XP Pro SP1 or later
E Windows 2000 SP2 or later


For more information about the J2534 devices listed above, click on the vendor names. To report compatibility problems with listed hardware/software, please contact the device manufacturer.


Obtaining Calibration Files

The Flash Reprogramming Calibration CD is no longer available.

ECU Calibrations are now available for download directly from TIS. A valid TIS Professional Level subscription is required to access Calibration files. These files are compatible with the above mentioned scantools and J2534 interfaces. The Calibration page, located on the Diagnostics tab in the TIS site, contains all the most current vehicle calibration files, applicable Service Bulletins, and instructions for use. Select the following link for step by step instructions to access this page.

Note: Calibration Update Software is now included in the Techstream Software Installer. A valid TIS Professional Level subscription is required to download and install Techstream Software.





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