Engine Blocks Can Cause Engine Failure Leading To Engine Stall (Non-hybrid) And/or Fire Risk – 2019-2020 Toyota RAV4 HV

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CERTAIN 2019 – 2020 RAV4 HV


(2019 – 2020 RAV4 non-hybrid is a separate document)


Update 6/24/2020:  Engine Assembly Replacement procedure is now included



  • Check the TIS Vehicle Inquiry System to confirm the VIN is involved in this Safety Recall, and that it has not already been completed prior to dealer shipment or by another dealer.
  • TMS warranty will not reimburse dealers for repairs completed on vehicles that are not affected or were completed by another dealer.





No parts are required for the inspection of the Block ID No.  Parts will only be necessary if the replacement of the Engine Assembly is required, as determined by the inspection.



Because of the extensive list of parts and variations of the model, a website has been created to detail the required parts for each vehicle.  Reference the following website for a detailed parts list for each specific VIN:




Note:  Warranty will only reimburse dealers for the part numbers listed on the website.  Any other part numbers will not be accepted on the campaign claim.



  • Standard Hand Tools

SST – These Special Service Tools are required for this repair:

Part Number Tool Name Quantity
00002-11100-02 Transmission Fluid Pump 1



Some of the subject vehicles may be equipped with an engine block that was manufactured incorrectly.  This issue may cause coolant to leak internally and/or externally during normal engine operation.  This can lead to engine noise, engine smoke, warning lights/malfunction indicator illumination, an audible chime sounding, and/or, in some cases, engine overheating and possible internal mechanical engine damage.  If this occurs in a conventional gasoline vehicle, it is possible the vehicle could stall while driving at higher speeds without prior warning, increasing the risk of a crash. For both hybrid and conventional gasoline vehicles, the mechanical engine damage could cause engine oil to leak, which, in the presence of an ignition source, can lead to an increased risk of fire.


NOTE: If the engine stalls in a hybrid vehicle, the vehicle will enter a fail safe driving mode, allowing the driver to operate the vehicle at reduced power for certain distances to maneuver the vehicle to a safe location.




This vehicle has a hybrid control system that operates at voltages of up to 650 V. Be sure to follow the instructions in this manual to handle the system correctly. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or electrocution.

(a)  Technicians must undergo special training to be able to service and inspect the high-voltage system.

(b)  All high-voltage wire harnesses and connectors are colored orange. The HV battery and other high-voltage components have “High Voltage” caution labels. Do not carelessly touch these wires or components.

(c)  When there is a problem with the wire harness or connector of a high-voltage circuit, repairs to the harness or connector should not be attempted. Replace damaged or malfunctioning high voltage cables or connectors.

(d)  Before inspecting or servicing the high-voltage system, be sure to follow all safety measures, such as wearing insulated gloves and removing the service plug to prevent electrocution. Carry the removed service plug in your pocket to prevent other technicians from accidentally reconnecting it while you are servicing the vehicle.


After removing the service plug grip, do not turn the power switch on (READY), unless instructed by the repair manual because this may cause a malfunction.

(e)  After removing the service plug grip, wait 10 minutes before touching any of the high-voltage connectors and terminals.



Waiting for at least 10 minutes is required to discharge the high-voltage capacitor inside the inverter with converter assembly.

(f)   Before using insulated gloves, be sure to check them for cracks, tears and other types of damage.

(g)  When servicing the vehicle, do not carry metal objects like mechanical pencils or rulers that can be dropped accidentally and cause a short circuit.

(h) Before touching a bare high-voltage terminal, wear insulated gloves and use a tester to make sure that the terminal voltage is 0 V.

(i)   After disconnecting or exposing a high-voltage connector or terminal, insulate it immediately using insulating tape.

(j)   Bolts and nuts for high-voltage terminals should be tightened firmly to the specified torque. Both insufficient and excessive torque can cause failure.

(k)  Use the “CAUTION: HIGH VOLTAGE DO NOT TOUCH” sign to notify other technicians that the high-voltage system is being inspected and/or repaired.

(l)   After servicing the high-voltage system and before reinstalling the service plug, check again that you have not left a part or tool inside, that the high-voltage terminals are firmly tightened, and that the connectors are correctly connected.

(m)  When performing work involving high-voltage wires, use either a tool wrapped with vinyl insulation tape or an insulated tool.

(n) When installing hybrid control system components such as the HV battery, make sure that the polarity of all connections is correct.



  • Do not touch any bare cables that may have high-voltage. If a cable must be touched or if accidental contact is possible, wear insulated gloves and insulate the cable using insulating tape.
  • Visually check the HV battery and the immediate area for any electrolyte leakage. Do not touch any leaked liquid because it could be organic electrolyte that contains carbonic acid esters.
  • The electrolyte is flammable. Keep all ignition sources such as open flame and hot objects away from the electrolyte.
  • Electrolyte leaks may cause acute poisoning if a high concentration of the vapor from the organic solvent is inhaled. In case of inhalation, move the affected person to a place with ample fresh air and let them lie quietly. Seek medical care.
  • In case of skin contact with the electrolyte, wash the area thoroughly with soap and plenty of water, and seek medical care. Immediately remove any contaminated clothing. Prolonged contact with the electrolyte may cause skin irritation.
  • If the electrolyte comes in contact with your eyes, call out loudly for help. Do not rub your eyes. Immediately flush them with a large amount of water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical care.
  • If electrolyte is swallowed, seek medical care immediately. Do not induce vomiting, unless instructed by the doctor.
  • Wear insulated or rubber gloves, goggles, and safety shoes.
  • Check the HV battery and immediate area for any electrolyte leakage.
  • Do not touch any bare cables that could be high voltage cables. If a cable must be touched or if accidental contact is possible, follow the following instructions: 1) wear insulated gloves and goggles, 2) measure the voltage between the cable and body ground using an electrical tester, and 3) insulate the cable using insulating tape.
  • Do not touch any bare cables that may have high-voltage. If a cable must be touched or if accidental contact is possible, wear insulated gloves and insulate the cable using insulating tape.
  • Do not touch any leaked liquid because it could be the organic electrolyte that contains carbonic acid esters. If contact is unavoidable, wipe the fluid off using a cloth while wearing rubber gloves, goggles and an organic solvent mask. Do not leave electrolyte-contaminated cloths unattended. Place contaminated cloths in an appropriate airtight container and dispose of them according to local regulations.
  • Accidents such as electric shock may result if the HV battery or a hybrid vehicle supply stack sub-assembly is disposed of improperly or abandoned. Therefore, make sure to return all HV batteries or hybrid vehicle supply stack assemblies through an authorized collection agent.
  • To reduce the risk of fire, the HV battery or hybrid vehicle supply stack assembly must not be stored in an area where it will be exposed to fire or high temperatures.


SAFETY RECALL 20TA04 – Certain Engine Blocks Can Cause Engine Failure Leading to Engine Stall (non-hybrid) and/or Fire Risk – 2019-2020 Toyota


Engine Blocks Can Cause Engine Failure Leading To Engine Stall (Non-hybrid) And/or Fire Risk – 2019-2020 Toyota RAV4 HV


Remedy Instructions and TSB – RAV4 HV TI A25A Engine Replacement FINAL 6.24.2020

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